In series "City of Military Glory", a new coin "Staraya Russa"

March 19, 2016
In series "City of Military Glory", a new coin "Staraya Russa"

Another circular coin from the series "Cities of Military Glory" was released by Russian bank. The coin has a face value of 10 rubles. Its print run of 10 million copies.

The coin is dedicated to the city of Staraya Russa. Coin obverse has the inscription at the bottom of the date of issue "2016" at the top and the inscription "Bank of Russia". In the center of the coin there is an inscription indicating the denomination of the product, in the figure "0" has a protective sign that can be seen from different angles. In the lower part of the coin there is the mintmark.

Reverse product is decorated with the coat of arms of Staraya Russa, as there are signs along the rim of the coin.

On both sides of the circumference of the coin is raised. At present the product Edge interrupted corrugation, it has alternating sections with different number of reefs.