New in 2016! - Belgorod region

March 13, 2016
New in 2016! - Belgorod region

The Bank of Russia March 15, 2016 puts into circulation coins of base metals in the series "Russian Federation" nominal value of 10 rubles -"Belgorod region".

Coin "Belgorod region" has the shape of a circle with a diameter of 27.0 mm. Coin combination consists of two parts: a disc made of white metal, and the outer ring made from a yellow metal. On the front and back sides of the coin has a raised rim on. The side surface of the coin is corrugated and bears the inscription "ten rubles", repeated twice and divided by asterisks.

The obverse of the coin on the ring along the rim inscription: at the top - "BANK OF RUSSIA", at the bottom - "2016". To the left and right of the outer ring images of laurel and oak, respectively, the image elements are transferred to the disk. In the center of the disc number "10" and the inscription "ruble" beneath it, indicating the denomination of the coin. Inside of the figure "0" a security element in the form of the number "10" and the inscription "rub", observed from different angles to the plane of the coin. At the bottom of the disc is the mint mark.

On the reverse side of the coin: on the disc image of the emblem of the Belgorod region, there are the inscriptions on the ring along the rim: at the top - "Russian Federation", at the bottom - "Belgorod region".

Circulation coins - 10.0 million units.