New Russian five-ruble coin

October 11, 2015
New Russian five-ruble coin

September 28, 2015 the Bank of Russia in accordance with the emission program was minted and put into circulation coins of denomination of 5 rubles from the base metal.

This commemorative coin dedicated to the formation of the Russian Geographical Society in Russia. In honor of this memorable event and in connection with the 170th anniversary, and it was decided to release five-ruble coin.

This society was founded at the behest of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I 18.08.1845, the main objective of the Geographical Society was to collect talented young people to study and development of vast territories belonging to the Russian state.

Society was organized by a large number of expeditions to explore the area of the Urals, Siberia, Central Asia, the Far East. The activities of the society as well extended to the study of the oceans, the discovery of new lands and their further development, the development of navigation. As society is directly related to the creation and development of such sciences as climatology and meteorology.