Coin "Grozny" released in Russia

September 20, 2015
Coin "Grozny" released in Russia

September 22, 2015, the Bank of Russia coins will be released into circulation, part of the a new series of City of Military Glory.

The Bank of Russia informs that the coin will have a face value of 10 rubles, and minted circulation of 1 million rubles. coin diameter is 22.00 mm.

On the circumference of the coin on its obverse features the inscription at the top there is the inscription "Bank of Russia" and at the bottom, the year of issue "2015". On the right and left sides of the image are the branches of oak and laurel. In the center of the coin is "10" figure as well as a number, there is an inscription "rubles", which represent the dignity of the coin. In the interior of the figure "0" is a stylized protect designated the number "10" and lettered inscription "Rub". This protection can be seen at a certain angle relative to the plane 10 ruble coin. In the lower part of the coin is a trademark belonging to the mint.

On the reverse side of ten ruble coin depicts the embossed coat of arms belonging to Grozny. On the coin there is an inscription on the bottom of the circle "Grozny" and on the tape at the top of "City of Military Glory."

As on the obverse and on the reverse of the coin, it is situated on the circumference of the rim, raised, and on the sides there are areas with intermittent ribs.