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In series "City of Military Glory", a new coin "Staraya Russa"

Another circular coin from the series "Cities of Military Glory" was released by Russian bank. The coin has a face value of 10 rubles. Its circulation of 10 million copies.

New in 2016! - Belgorod region

The Bank of Russia March 15, 2016 puts into circulation coins of base metals in the series "Russian Federation" nominal value of 10 rubles - "Belgorod region".

5 coins in honor of the battles on the Crimean Peninsula during the Great Patriotic War

The Bank of Russia December 18, 2015 put into circulation coins 5 rubles, "Defense of Sevastopol", "Partisans and Crimea underground", "Crimean strategic offensive operation," "defense of the adzhimushkay quarry", "Kerch-Eltigen Operation", dedicated to the heroism of the Soviet soldiers who fought in the Crimean peninsula during the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic war years.

Since 2016 Russian coins image appears the coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Before the New 2012th year, the Bank of Russia made all the inhabitants of our vast country gift - the press service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2015 announced the change in the design of the obverse of small coins in 2016 coinage.

10 rubles, dedicated to the city of Taganrog

Another coin from the series "Cities of Military Glory" minted in honor of the city of Taganrog. Data from this numismatic products do not differ from other products in this series. The coin is made of steel and plated brass.