Opening of the project "World of Collect"

February 10, 2016
Opening of the project "World of Collect"

Welcome to the new portal of the numismatics. The site is intended for those who can be difficult to find a particular coin for those who replenishes his collection at various auctions, and wants to save time searching for a large amount of coins. There will be presented detailed information on the coins, their part numbers, date of manufacture and pictures with descriptions and prices are dynamically updated at various auctions.

Since ancient times, people are always fond of gathering. Someone collects stamps, someone icons, someone different exotic items, and I prefer to collect coins. This is my hobby, and it is called numismatics. She is dedicated to this site.

Collecting can be absolutely any coin, for example, only in circulation and commemorative and special collectible coins, and you can collect coins minted with errors, as well as rare instances.

Novice collectors should not immediately set itself the task of higher complexity. At first, enough to collect basic types of Soviet and Russian coins. Not to fear, which is rare at all is not enough, because collection is a long process. Good collection collected over the years and sometimes even decades.

On the next higher stage of collecting, you can put the task of collecting coins by year in chronological order. At this stage, there may be some difficulties can still be overcome.

And finally, the third and most difficult process - gathering a collection of varieties. Of course, to achieve this goal is very, very hard, but the more interesting and, in fact at the same discoveries are even discovered.

In provincial towns and villages, often very hard to find some interesting information on the coins, it is impossible to acquire the desired collection coins and even just to find out the price of some items. On the Internet there are many numismatic same sites where you can buy coins at the price of 1000 rubles and above, but for cheaper items such sites simply do not pay attention. That is why the search for resources, offering cheap coin, very, very difficult.

The site "World of Collect" just created in order to help you with this. It is entirely dedicated to collecting coins regular coinage, as well as commemorative and investment coins. Here you can find interesting information on the history of various world coins, answers to many questions about collecting coins, you will learn how to evaluate the state of the coin, how to clean and store them.

The pages catalogue of World Coins You can find only approximate purchase price and sale coins regular coinagememorable and investment coins at various auctions.

In chapter articles about numismatics You will find many interesting articles about coin collecting, cleaning and storing them, the history of coins and money circulation, as well as other interesting publications.

You will be maintained up to date section news of world coins. All the latest updates catalog and website will be published in the section news site.

I hope that my site will be useful for you!