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The project is created for the convenience of filling personal collections and tracking coin price changes. A unique feature of the project is the possibility of a personal collection on the site, followed by evaluation of its dynamic in different auctions of the country and the world. Any registered user can start filling your personal collection, it is enough sign up.

If you look closely, the current directory contains a very small coin. This is primarily due to the fact that the project is developed exclusively on pure enthusiasm of the creator and the rate of addition of new coins and functional development is directly related to the availability of free time.

You can speed up the development process and catalog content, donating any amount to my electronic purse Yandex. All the money collected will be used exclusively on the development of the project: to pay attracted programmers, content managers and designers, as well as being payment for the rental of server hardware.

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I am always open for any questions or feedback. Please feel free to email me using the form below and I will answer all your questions as soon as I can.