Coin Vein


Krause Konros Catalogue number
UC# 148 Unknown 5712-0046


Sculptor E. I. Novikova
Artist A. A. Brynza


Country Russia
Period Russian Federation (1997-...)
Release date October 3, 2016
Weight 6 г .
Diameter 25 мм .
Thickness 1.8 мм .
Release Commemorative coins
Series Cities - the capitals of states liberated by Soviet troops from the German fascist invaders
Denomination 5
Currency Russian ruble
Metal Nickel Plated Steel
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribbed with smooth sections (12 sections on the 5 reefs)
Shape Round

Detailed description

The capital of Austria Vienna was liberated on April 13, 1945 as a result of the Vienna offensive operation of the Soviet troops. By the spring of 1945, everyone already felt the proximity of the Victory, and the Vienna operation was one of the most brilliant operations that end the long and difficult Great Patriotic War.

The storming of Vienna was the final, final part of the Vienna operation. The operation was conducted from March 16 to April 15, 1945 by the forces of the 2nd Ukrainian Front (commander Marshal Malinovsky) and the 3rd Ukrainian Front (commander Marshal Tolbukhin) with the help of the 1st Bulgarian army under the command of General Stoychev. As a result of the operation, the western part of Hungary and the eastern part of Austria were liberated from the fascist troops.

The Germans attached great importance to the defense of the Vienna direction, they hoped to stop our troops on the mountain ranges of Austria and conclude a separate peace with England and America. But our troops broke through the Hitlerite defenses and went to Vienna, the capital of Austria. The city was surrounded by natural boundaries - the mountains and the broad Danube. In addition, anti-tank ditches, trenches were dug, bunkers were built, parks and squares were created for artillery positions, the buildings were adapted for long-term defense, firing points were arranged in basements. To protect Vienna were thrown all available units, even the police.

On April 5, the storming of Vienna began. The city was taken from the south, southeast and west. There were heavy fighting, and only by the evening of April 6 our troops entered the suburbs of Vienna. April 10, 1945 the city was surrounded. From 11 to 13 April there were final battles, the German garrison was divided into small groups and destroyed. On April 13, Vienna was liberated from Hitler's troops. Soviet soldiers rescued from the explosion Imperial Bridge across the Danube, beautiful architectural monuments, including the St. Stephen's Cathedral, which the Germans were preparing to blow up during the retreat. During the Vienna operation, about 17,000 Soviet soldiers and officers were killed. After the capture of Vienna, the road to Prague and Berlin was opened.

In August 1945, in Vienna, on the Schwarzenbergplatz square, a monument was erected to Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of Austria. The monument still exists.

Obverse description

In the center of the disk - the denomination of the coin in two lines: "5 РУБЛЕЙ", below - the inscription: "БАНК РОССИИ", under it - the year of coinage: "2016", left and right - stylized branch of the plant, on the right at the edge - yard.

Reverse description

In the center of the disk there is an image of the Monument to the Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Austria from fascism mounted on the Schwarzenbergplatz square in Vienna against the backdrop of contour images of the architectural structures of Vienna, below is a horizontal inscription: "13 АПРЕЛЯ 1945 г.", above: "ВЕНА".




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
MMD, 2016 2,000,000 - Unknown