Coin Tikhvin


Krause Konros Catalogue number
Y# 1575 55.02 5714-0037


Artist A. A. Brynza
Sculptor Computer modelling


Country Russia
Period Russian Federation (1997-...)
Release date November 12, 2014
Weight 5.63 г .
Diameter 22 мм .
Thickness 2.2 мм .
Release Commemorative coins
Series Cities of Military Glory
Denomination 10
Currency Russian ruble
Metal Brass plated Steel
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribber with smooth sections (6 sections 5 and 6 of the reef sections 7 riffs, interspersed with smooth sections 12)
Shape Round

Detailed description

Tikhvin, a small district center in the Leningrad region. But his story is known to Russian citizens as a symbol of courage, resilience and courage of its people and defenders. On November of 2010 the city was awarded the well-deserved them full title: "City of Military Glory." Here, in 1941, every inch of ground was soaked with the blood of Soviet soldiers.

Why is it so desperately fought the defenders of the town for every meter of his native land with the fascists? Its location was strategically important for us, and for the occupiers. For the Nazi invaders allowed the capture of Tikhvin city of Leningrad is completely cut off from food and technical support from the mainland. It also enabled the Germans to join with allies Finns.

But residents of the town and its defenders, too, knew this, so standing on the Protection of Tikhvin death. The loss of Soviet troops in Tikhvin operations amounted to approximately ninety thousand people. From November 8 to December 7, the city hosted the invaders, but the concerted actions of the army and the guerrillas will free him and throw the fascists, to break the enemy's plans to fully capture of Leningrad blockade.

It is tragic, but such a bright page in the history of Tikhvin and Russia. Unparalleled courage and heroism of its inhabitants were awarded. Their feat - in our hearts.

Obverse description

In the center - the denomination of the coin "10 РУБЛЕЙ". Inside of the figure "0" - hidden, visible by turns on changing angle of view of the image numbers "10" and the inscription "РУБ". In the circle along the rim - the inscription at the top: "БАНК РОССИИ", at the bottom - the date "2014" on the left - a stylized image of a laurel branch, the right - oak.

Reverse description

Coat of arms of the city of Tikhvin, on him, on the ribbon - the semicircular inscription: "ГОРОДА ВОИНСКОЙ СЛАВЫ", at the bottom along the rim - the inscription: "ТИХВИН".




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
SPMD, 2014 10,000,000 - Unknown