Coin Rzhev


Krause Konros Catalogue number
UC# 132 Unknown 5514-0094


Sculptor E. I. Novikova
Artist A. A. Brynza


Country Russia
Period Russian Federation (1997-...)
Release date September 5, 2016
Weight 8.4 г .
Diameter 27 мм .
Thickness 2.1 мм .
Release Commemorative coins
Series The ancient cities of Russia
Denomination 10
Currency Russian ruble
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribbed (300 corrugations)
Shape Round

Detailed description

Rzhev is an ancient Russian city on the Volga. Only 200 kilometers separates it from the source of the great river. If we go down along the Volga from its source, the first city that will meet on the way will be Rzhev. Rzhev was founded, according to one version, in 1019, on the other - in the middle of the XII century.

The city was part of the Smolensk Principality. The patron saint of the city of Rzhev is Prince Vladimir Mstislavich of Pskov. According to the legend, in the old days, when the enemies approached the walls of the ancient city, on the high, steep bank of the Volga Prince Vladimir appeared on a white horse, and the enemies fled in fear.

Rzhev had an excellent geographical location for the development of trade (the crossing of overland trade roads and the waterway along the Volga). But Rzhev became famous as a city-fortress, a city-warrior. From the middle of the 13th century Rzhev became the property of the Moscow prince.

And from that moment began the struggle for Rzhev first with the Tver and Novgorod princes, then with Lithuania. Rzhev fortress was very important for Moscow, it guarded the western borders of the state from Polish and Lithuanian troops.

The Volga River divides this small old town into two parts. But the division was not only geographic, but also religious, worldview. Church split divided the city along the river, on the right bank was ruled by Old Believers-bespopovtsy, and on the left - proponents of Nikon's reforms. Communities tried not to communicate with each other.

Trade communities were rich, and they did a lot for the development of Rzhev. In the city, one of the first in Russia, there was a Rzhev zemstvo post, which produced its own, Rzhev envelopes and stamps. The post was a horse and delivered letters and mails very quickly. The city was famous for its pigeons, even special breeds of pigeons were even brought out: "Rzhevskaya Gull" and "Rzhevsky ribbon tumbler".

During the Soviet era, the city grew and developed. By 1941 in Rzhev lived more than 50 thousand people. But the war began. In these places there was a terrible Rzhev battle, in which more than a million people died, the city was abandoned, and the German occupation began.

When on March 3, 1943 the city was liberated, about 150 people were left alive from all its inhabitants. Rzhev was completely destroyed. After the war the city was rebuilt. For the courage shown by the inhabitants of the city during the Great Patriotic War, Rzhev was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree and the honorary title of the City of Military Glory.

Obverse description

On the disc in the center is the denomination of the coin: "10 РУБЛЕЙ", inside the number "0" - hidden, alternately when the angle of view of the image is changed to "10" and the inscription "РУБ", at the bottom - the mint trade mark; on the ring at the top - the inscription: "БАНК РОССИИ", at the bottom - the year of issue "2016", on the left and on the right - stylized branches of plants, transferring to the disk.

Reverse description

Architectural panorama of the city, above - the coat of arms of the city of Rzhev, along the circumference on the ring - inscriptions, above: "ДРЕВНИЕ ГОРОДА РОССИИ", below: "РЖЕВ".




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
MMD, 2016 5,000,000 - Unknown