Coin Fish owl


Krause Konros Catalogue number
Y# 336 54.8/1 5109-0003


Sculptor A. V. Baklanov
Artist M. A. Sisa


Country Russia
Period Bank of Russia (1992-1996)
Release date December 28, 1993
Weight 17.44 г .
Diameter 33 мм .
Thickness 2.4 мм .
Release Investment coins
Series Red Book
Denomination 1
Currency Russian ruble
Metal Silver (900)
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribbed (252 corrugations)
Shape Round

Detailed description

Fish Owl - Far resident. The bird settled and large, with a total length up to 70 cm, half-meter wings. Female - it is much more than the male - may weigh more than 4 kg. Birds feather wide ears, long wings, slightly rounded tail. Color feathers monochrome: brown with dark spots longitudinally throughout the body. It features a view of a white patch on the throat. Bobbin opera, but bare fingers. On the sole there are small spikes - they help retain prey.

It settles in the hollows of trees in the forest, but always near rivers because eats mainly fish. The bird swoops down and grabs the claw out of the water extraction. However, it can stand in the shallow water, wander through the rifts. Fish owls hunt in the dusk, and in the afternoon on the salmon that are spawning, but eats and amphibians, crayfish, mink, muskrats.

The courtship period in March. The nest is usually in a hollow tree near the water. I settle in the nests of others as their own does not build. Fish owl lays eggs more often 2. Parents long finish feeding the children who live near a year.

This inhabitant of Manchuria, Amur region, Primorye is on the verge of extinction. Fish owl recorded in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

Obverse description

In the center - the emblem of the Bank of Russia (the two headed eagle designed by I. Bilibin), underneath the left - the designation of metal and its fineness, in the center - the mint mark on the right - the fine metal content inscriptions along the rim framed by a circle of dots - on top: "ОДИН РУБЛЬ 1993 г." at the bottom - "БАНК РОССИИ".

Reverse description

Image fish owl on a background of algae, the right of the image - the inscription along the rim: "РЫБНЫЙ ФИЛИН".




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
LMD, 1993 - 50,000 Unknown