Coin Komi Republic


Krause Konros Catalogue number
Y# 996 56.2/66 5514-0066


Artist A. D. Schablykin
Sculptor E. I. Novikova


Country Russia
Period Russian Federation (1997-...)
Release date December 11, 2009
Weight 8.4 г .
Diameter 27 мм .
Thickness 2.1 мм .
Release Commemorative coins
Series Russian Federation
Denomination 10
Currency Russian ruble
Metal Bi-metal (Ring - brass, disk - Melchior)
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribbed with the inscription (300 corrugations and two inscriptions "10 РУБЛЕЙ", separated by two asterisks)
Shape Round

Detailed description

Komi Republic - the subject of the Russian Federation, is a member of the North-West Federal District. Capital - the city of Syktyvkar.

Founded August 22, 1921 the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee adopted a decree on the formation of the RSFSR autonomous region of Komi - this date is considered the birth of the Republic. State symbols In Komi there is a constitution, flag, emblem, anthem (hymn melody is based on the songs of Victor Savin "Varysh pos" ( "Falcon's Nest") in the treatment of M. Gertsman).

The republic is located to the west of the Ural Mountains, in the extreme north-east of the European part of the Russian Federation. Its area of 416 800 km2, which is comparable to the area of European countries like France, Germany, Poland. It shares borders with Nenets, Yamalo-Nenets, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Arkhangelsk, Sverdlovsk, Kirov region, Perm region. According to January 1, 2012, the population of the republic amounted to about 890,000 people. 77% of this number are urban residents.

Komi - a republic forest, forests cover 72% of the entire area. On the eastern border of the republic passed the Ural Mountains with the highest point - Mount Narodnaya (1894 meters). The remaining land - a forest-tundra and tundra with reindeer pastures, swamps. The region flow two major rivers: Pechora - the largest river in the north of European - and Vychegda. With a variety of small rivers, they form a dense river network.

Obverse description

In the center - the designation value of the coin "10 РУБЛЕЙ". Inside of the figure "0" - hidden, visible by turns on changing angle of view of the image numbers "10" and the inscription "РУБ". In the lower part of the disc - the mint trademark. The top of the ring along the rim - the inscription: "БАНК РОССИИ", at the bottom - the date "2009" on the left and the right - stylized twigs of plants going over to the disc.

Reverse description

The image of the emblem of the Republic of Komi, along the rim - inscriptions: at the top - "РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ" at the bottom - "РЕСПУБЛИКА КОМИ".




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
SPMD, 2009 10,000,000 - Unknown