Coin Nenets autonomous district


Krause Konros Catalogue number
Y# 1278 56.2/73 5514-0071


Artist A. D. Schablykin
Sculptor Computer modelling


Country Russia
Period Russian Federation (1997-...)
Release date September 16, 2010
Weight 8.4 г .
Diameter 27 мм .
Thickness 2.1 мм .
Release Commemorative coins
Series Russian Federation
Denomination 10
Currency Russian ruble
Metal Bi-metal (Ring - brass, disk - Melchior)
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribbed with the inscription (300 corrugations and two inscriptions "10 РУБЛЕЙ", separated by two asterisks)
Shape Round

Detailed description

Nenets autonomy - a federal unit of Russia. Its position is unique in that while it is also part of the Arkhangelsk region. Location District area is almost entirely within the Arctic Circle creates specific problems. Here semi-polar day follows the same long polar night. The natural conditions for life are very severe, so the Nenets Autonomous District - the most sparsely populated part of the Russian Federation.

Scientists discovered the first people in the parking area, located in the Pechora basin, date back to the Paleolithic. A lot of remains of Bronze Age settlements. Nenets first migrated to the present territory of the district around the beginning of the tenth century. Almost simultaneously with the Nenets these lands absorbed Novgorod. In 13-15-th century here ruled Novgorod princes, and after the connection of the principality of Novgorod and Moscow - the region moved to the Moscow State. In 1929, the year the current administrative division was established. Naryan-Mar - the modern capital of the Nenets Autonomous District.

Nature autonomy presented sparse vegetation arctic tundra. Fauna is also not very diverse. However, the district is rich in natural resources. It mined a lot of natural gas and oil. Opened and developed reserves of coal, non-ferrous metals. Pechora land holds many more secrets, t. To. The harsh conditions of the Arctic does not allow to conduct Exploration work.

Obverse description

In the center - the designation value of the coin "10 РУБЛЕЙ". Inside of the figure "0" - hidden, visible by turns on changing angle of view of the image numbers "10" and the inscription "РУБ". In the lower part of the disc - the mint trademark. The top of the ring along the rim - the inscription: "БАНК РОССИИ", at the bottom - the date "2010" on the left and the right - stylized twigs of plants going over to the disc.

Reverse description

The image of the emblem of the Nenets autonomous district, along the rim - inscriptions: at the top - "РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ" at the bottom - "НЕНЕЦКИЙ АВТОНОМНЫЙ ОКРУГ".




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
SPMD, 2010 1,950,000 - Unknown