Coin Luga


Krause Konros Catalogue number
Y# 1382 55.02/13 5714-0013


Sculptor A. N. Bessonov
Artist A. A. Brynza


Country Russia
Period Russian Federation (1997-...)
Release date June 23, 2012
Weight 5.63 г .
Diameter 22 мм .
Thickness 2.2 мм .
Release Commemorative coins
Series Cities of Military Glory
Denomination 10
Currency Russian ruble
Metal Brass plated Steel
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribber with smooth sections (6 sections 5 and 6 of the reef sections 7 riffs, interspersed with smooth sections 12)
Shape Round

Detailed description

At 100 kilometers south of St. Petersburg is the town of Luga. The name of the city associated with the beginning of the heroic defense of the northern capital of Nazi Germany.

In June 1941, the creation of the Luga defensive line at an accelerated pace. The length of the fortifications along the front was more than 200 kilometers, the depth - more than 10 kilometers. The construction involved foreign military battalions of Leningrad students of military schools, local communities and residents of Leningrad. The construction of protective structures held under the bombing, artillery and machine-gun fire.

In July, the Germans immediately tried to break the defensive Soviet troops near Luga. The plan failed, the military units of the Red Army and the people's militia were able to delay the onset of the enemy on Leningrad one and a half months.

Under pressure from the German Army Group "North" the defenders were forced to leave the city August 24, 1941. Almost immediately formed active guerrilla movement. Destroying equipment and disabling equipment, the guerrillas did not give the invaders to feel full owners of the occupied territories.

Shortly after the occupation, the Germans organized on the territory of several dulagov which were tortured and killed more than 12 thousand prisoners. For violation of the curfew, for evasion of work, liaison with the guerrillas (or only a suspicion of a connection with them) people were shot. Residents of the city were forced to work for the Nazis, not to die of starvation. The population of the liberated Luga in 1944 amounted to only 13% of the population before the war.

In May 2008, the city of Luga on the Decree of the President awarded the title "City of Military Glory."

Obverse description

In the center - the denomination of the coin "10 РУБЛЕЙ". Inside of the figure "0" - hidden, visible by turns on changing angle of view of the image numbers "10" and the inscription "РУБ". In the circle along the rim - the inscription at the top: "БАНК РОССИИ", at the bottom - the date "2012" on the left - a stylized image of a laurel branch, the right - oak.

Reverse description

Coat of arms of the city of Luga, above it, on the ribbon - the semicircular inscription: "ГОРОДА ВОИНСКОЙ СЛАВЫ", at the bottom, along the rim - the inscription: "ЛУГА"




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
SPMD, 2012 10,000,000 - Unknown