Coin Himalayan bear


Krause Konros Catalogue number
Y# 330 56.1/1 5516-0001


Artist A. V. Baklanov
Sculptor A. A. Dolgopolova


Country Russia
Period Bank of Russia (1992-1996)
Release date December 3, 1993
Weight 6.25 г .
Diameter 25 мм .
Thickness 1.75 мм .
Release Commemorative coins
Series Red Book
Denomination 50
Currency Russian ruble
Metal Bi-metal (Ring - a copper-nickel alloy, disc - aluminum bronze)
Orientation Medal
Edge Ribbed (interrupted corrugation with a pitch of 3 mm)
Shape Round

Detailed description

Himalayan bear walking across the forests of the Amur region in the black, silky coat with a white shirt front, not brown like his relative.

Firstly, the Himalayan bear a lot less, it can be said almost doubled growth "Ussuri Lord" does not exceed 170 cm and the weight is rarely more than 150 kg.. With regard to the Himalayan "Lady", they, of course, is much lower and easier. Occurs black Himalayan bear in the forests of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and North Vietnam, as well as in the Himalayas - the beast thrives at a height of 3 to 4 kilometers, and only with the onset of cold weather down to the foot of the mountains. In winter as well as the brown bear, "gimalaets" becomes dormant, but it is not a den under the roots of a tree or in the ground, and in the hollows of the wood.

Bears with a white spot on the chest, of course, very beautiful: they have silky, long and rounded, fun protruding ears, rather large elongated faces with a flat forehead and moving black nose. A white spot on the breast bear resembles a crescent moon, for which this kind of moon called. The front legs have black bear much stronger and more powerful than the rear because he eats mostly plant foods - nuts, acorns, grasses, seeds, berries - and only occasionally allows himself a protein meal. Most of the life of a bear spends on trees, where earn their food and hide from enemies. Climbing in the tree crown, bear eats ripe fruit, with broken branches, he puts himself under - it turns kind, very comfortable nest.

Himalayan bears rarely attack humans; such cases are the exception rather; Is that a bear will rush to protect their offspring... or wounded predator comes into the fight for life and death. Recently, however, reports of violent conduct peaceful, in general, animals frequent, and this is due, probably, to the fact that the person is trying to take the bear territory and cut down forests.

Unfortunately, bear bile is very much appreciated by Chinese healers and paw black bear willingly take on restaurants, so the view was on the verge of extinction. Therefore, modern scientists and conservationists, with the support of the law, doing everything to this beautiful animal has not disappeared from the face of the earth completely.

Obverse description

In the center - the emblem of the Bank of Russia (the two headed eagle designed by I. Bilibin), underneath the right - the mint mark, the inscriptions along the rim: at the top - "50 РУБЛЕЙ 1993 г." at the bottom - "БАНК РОССИИ"

Reverse description

Image Himalayan bear inscriptions along the rim separated by two dots: at the top - the "КРАСНАЯ КНИГА", at the bottom - "ГИМАЛАЙСКИЙ МЕДВЕДЬ".




Name Uncirculated Proof Average price
LMD, 1993 300,000 - Unknown