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Cleaning copper, silver, copper-nickel, bronze coins at home

Cleaning coins - The process by which the coins are beginning to look better. But this ideal. In fact when cleaning the main thing is not to harm, especially of rare ancient coins. Sometimes after cleaning the coin falls in price at times, and it happens that ceases to be a coin - is losing terrain and becomes a metal circle. Therefore, if you are unsure, it is better to consult a professional.

Clean copper coins at home

Clean copper coins - not an easy process as the copper coins can be highly oxidized. To clean copper coins used the following methods: soap, smelling salts, citric acid, soda electrolysis and mechanical cleaning.

Cleaning silver coins

To clean silver coins are commonly used four methods: cleaning silver coins citric acid, ammonia, Trilon B, and hydrochloric acid. All methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Cleaning the copper-nickel coin

Cleaning copper-nickel coins can be carried out: in the soap, electrolysis, acetic and hydrochloric acids in Trilon-B, paste GOI.

Storage coins

For many novice coin collectors in Russia, and not only the beginning and not only in Russia, the problem of ensuring the integrity and safety of its collection is very urgent. Protection and conservation of the collection coins quality - these are the two main questions that must be answered first.