Storage coins

December 12, 2015
Storage coins

For many novice coin collectors in Russia, and not only the beginning and not only in Russia, the problem of ensuring the integrity and safety of its collection is very urgent. Protection and conservation of the collection coins quality - these are the two main questions that must be answered first.

Unfortunately, so it has to numismatists, living in Russia, the problem of the protection of the collection is much more urgent than the problem of preserving the quality of the coins. We are collectors who live in Russia, have to constantly worry about making any attacker does not "got wind" of the value of our collection and one day showed up uninvited in our house. If, despite the obvious risk, all-you still want to keep a collection of houses, my advice to you, get a good safe, because the drawer in the table will not protect it from burglars. better yet, do not store a collection of coins at home and rent deposit box.

Since then, you decide to do in collecting coins and gain his first collector's item, the question will arise in front of you, how to store the collection properly. What a cardboard or plastic box is sure to become your first choice, because usually beginning coin collectors do just that. However, after some time, your collection will grow and coins will cease to be placed in the original repository. In this situation, you have to think hard about what to do next with coins, how to ensure the correct coin storageTo preserve their appearance, to protect from corrosion and damage. Therefore, before you purchase your first collector's item, try to pre-acquainted with the accumulated experience of other collectors and examine the recommendations contained in the special numismatic literature. The knowledge gained will help you to use special accessories for storing coins available today in large quantities in the market.

Typically, in the first place it seeks to use novice numismatist coins as storage places some items available in the building. Do not make mistakes, try not to give the initial impulse. Plastic bags, envelopes, cellophane, aluminum foil, and other handy tools are not suitable for storage of coins and should not be used by you to do so. Today there are special accessories designed and tested specifically for the storage of coins. Use them to store his collection. You should not confuse the additional costs that you incur as a result of the purchase of these special accessories. Sooner or later you have them paid off, such as when you sell or leave a legacy of his collection. The most common and widely known accessories for storing coins are cardboard holders with a transparent window (holders), tubes for coins, plastic holders, double plastic pockets (flips), albums and tablets for coins.

A simple accessory for storing coins are cardboard holders. The coin is embedded in a carrier, after which the parties are bonded or glued together by a stapler if the self-adhesive holder. The main disadvantage of this package is its permeability to air and moisture, a long time is not recommended to store the coins therein without additional packaging. Moreover, clips can scratch the coin in the case if they are close to it.

Cardboard holders for coin storage

Tubes for coins made of translucent or opaque plastic. Due to the fact that the plastic used to manufacture the tubes, inert, it may not be harmful to your coins. Tubes are recommended for long-term and medium-term storage of coins. However, we must be very careful with the introduction of coins in the tube, because you can accidentally damage the two adjacent coins. To reduce the risk of damage to the coin when placed special coins injection technique was developed in the tube. In accordance with this technique it is necessary to make a pile of coins, and then carefully enter the stack at an angle in the holding tube.

Tubes for storage of coins

The best accessories for storing collections of coins are Holders of hard plastic. Sometimes there are coins on sale in the holder, packed directly on the Mint. However, the purchase of hard plastic holders can separately. Today the market offers a large number of different types of holders, and there are those who have two and some three parts connected to each other by a thread or a tight fit. Most high-quality holders do not miss the water or air. Of course, they are more expensive and need to be used to store the most valuable coins.

It is worth adding that the holders in that pack on the Russian coin mints, breathable. Therefore the coins stored therein, can be oxidized over time. To avoid oxidation of the coins, try to check them more frequently, or transfer to a holders that do not leak air.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg Mints just let collectible coin sets in soft plastic packaging in which it is impossible for a long time to keep the coin. Therefore Put a coin from it more suitable for long-term storage packaging.

Double plastic pockets as well as Albums for coins, There are good and bad qualities. Older pockets, usually mainly made of a material which includes a polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC - a chemical that is part of the most common plastics. It secretes chemical substances that can cause corrosion even on silver. Therefore I do not advise you to store your coins in these pockets. To determine the presence of PVC soft plastic can be for what it is softer, so it is of PVC. Plastic pockets in which no PVC - rigid and stiff. Good pockets manufactured by Mylar, although they are very brittle and can crack. Therefore, they should not be used when sending mail or coins if you frequently move from place to place. Pockets a Mylar, in fact as well as albums are not only for long-term storage of your collection of coins.

Album for coin storage

Be sure to store your coins in a dry place, protecting them from exposure to high temperatures, dust and humidity. To do this, put a few bags of silica gel together with a collection of the most isolate and storage of coins from the environment.

How to make an album for coins

Albums for coins and plates, cardboard holders, coin tubes, plastic holders, double plastic pockets for coins and plates are necessary accessories coin collecting. Buy them today is not a problem. If your town is not numismatic store, accessories for storage of coins from any manufacturer can be purchased at the online store. However, not everyone is a novice numismatist and collector can afford such an expensive purchase, especially if it collects, for example, Soviet or modern Russian coins over the years. Of course, when it comes to the collection of royal gold ducats, in such a situation, a sin not to fork.

I offer you the technology independent production of the album for the coins. In this case, you need the files for documents, you can choose a thicker and a folder for the files. This method is a plus, you can determine the size of the cells themselves. It is very important for the Soviet coins, because at different times their size changed, and cells in the album list should also be of different sizes.

Making an album for coins begins with scribing, on A4 sheet squares the size you want. This upcoming album cells. Then the sheet is placed under the file, and under it another sheet, and then all fastened with staples. After completing these steps, you need a soldering iron is well warmed slowly could move a piece of paper along the lines incised previously. To line held soldering iron, smooth obtained, together with it is possible to use wooden or metal bar. Try to spend on each line of not more than 2.3 times to avoid remelting file. After that the paper sheets can burn on a bit, but is likely to fall off yourself.

Then use a knife to cut the paper must be cut in the line of cells. Here at this stage and shows a significant drawback for self-production of the album Coin - cell is cut through. It can be corrected by covering the hole with duct tape transparent, pre-cut it into thin strips, after the coin investments. Then, filled with coins attached sheet in a folder. looks album for coins quite beautiful, and the coins themselves are not stored worse than purchase an album.

Of course, as in any other case, from the first album for the coins may not happen, but gradually you will start to receive all, and each subsequent album will be better and better.