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Welcome to the site! I am glad to welcome you to my website dedicated to coins. Now the site is a catalog of Russian coins, Soviet Union and the United States, other periods and countries will be added in the next. Coins will be added on the popularity and presence in my collection.

The original idea to create this project appeared a long time ago. I'm tired of every time to look for coins that are needed in thousands of different auctions. On this site I will try to automate this process by automatically updating and selection of coins in different auctions. Also, there will be published the actual value of coins Russia, the Soviet Union and the United States.

In the near future the site will be current news and popular articles about numismatics.

And all this for free, without registration and without prescription! Registration is required only if you want to be aware of the actual cost of the collection and instant informing about the arrival of the coins, which you need in the different auctions.

Another circular coin from the series "Cities of Military Glory" was released by Russian bank. The coin has a face value of 10 rubles. Its circulation of 10 million copies.

The Bank of Russia March 15, 2016 puts into circulation coins of base metals in the series "Russian Federation" nominal value of 10 rubles - "Belgorod region".

The Bank of Russia December 18, 2015 put into circulation coins 5 rubles, "Defense of Sevastopol", "Partisans and Crimea underground", "Crimean strategic offensive operation," "defense of the adzhimushkay quarry", "Kerch-Eltigen Operation", dedicated to the heroism of the Soviet soldiers who fought in the Crimean peninsula during the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic war years.

Welcome to the new portal of the numismatics. The site is intended for those who can be difficult to find a particular coin for those who replenishes his collection at various auctions, and wants to save time searching for a large amount of coins. There will be presented detailed information on the coins, their part numbers, date of manufacture and pictures with descriptions and prices are dynamically updated at various auctions.

Cleaning coins - The process by which the coins are beginning to look better. But this ideal. In fact when cleaning the main thing is not to harm, especially of rare ancient coins. Sometimes after cleaning the coin falls in price at times, and it happens that ceases to be a coin - is losing terrain and becomes a metal circle. Therefore, if you are unsure, it is better to consult a professional.

January 10, 2016

Clean copper coins - not an easy process as the copper coins can be highly oxidized. To clean copper coins used the following methods: soap, smelling salts, citric acid, soda electrolysis and mechanical cleaning.

December 21, 2015

To clean silver coins are commonly used four methods: cleaning silver coins citric acid, ammonia, Trilon B, and hydrochloric acid. All methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Collecting in recent years, and especially during the crisis, finds immense popularity in this regard, increased and interest in the commemorative and jubilee coins. Someone collects a series and it is enough, someone aims to collect all kinds of commemorative and jubilee coins of Russia, while others and the world.

Most people when they meet commemorative coins, lay them aside, because they think that they got into the hands of a very rare coin, immediately begin to think that this coin is certainly very expensive. In such a situation come from neproinformirovannosti in this area, so there are more sellers than buyers, if you look at it objectively, the benefits from the sale of one of the two coins is practically no.

If you pay attention, the commemorative coins are issued several times a year, ten million each, but most people should not only do not see, but do not know what new items were released. In the Soviet Union issued commemorative rubles, almost everyone was holding them in his hands, but did not think about how to sell or just postpone.

Each month, the world we are encouraged by the release of new species and specimens of coins, on this site I will try to collect all the memorabilia, investment, as well as coins regular coinage. On the site you can find information about coins of the world, Russia, the Soviet Union and the United States. Here as well you can find out which coins are rare and expensive, to find out prices for each coin in the collection.